Welcome, TL Sport Aircraft/TL Ultralight!

May 8th, 2023 | News

TL Sport Aircraft, led by Trey Murdaugh, has entered into a business relationship with U.S. BushCat representatives Daniela and Jeremy Knoll. They will help represent the TL family of light aircraft. TL Ultralight, the manufacturer of the aircraft based in the Czech Republic, and TL North America are collaborating in the rebranding of the U.S. line of aircraft to TL Sport Aircraft.

TL Sport Aircraft offers the Stream, Sting, Sirius, Sparker, and the Stream Turbo (shown in the photo below). They are offering a streamlined sales purchase to make your dream of flight a reality!

You can learn more about the aircraft here.

Thank you, Trey, for your support of LAMA!