Welcome, Jabiru Aircraft!

April 22nd, 2024 | News

In early 1988 Rodney Stiff and Phil Ainsworth formed Jabiru to develop a highly efficient, composite designed, light aircraft. After displaying the aircraft at Sun ‘n Fun 1995, Jabiru decided to offer the aircraft as an Amateur-built or Experimental Kit. 36 years later, and Jabiru has developed into both an aircraft and an aircraft engine manufacturer, one of very few in the world!

Mick Halloran, now the Executive Director of Jabiru, notes that fully-built Jabiru aircraft and kits have been sold to 16 countries, and engines to 31 countries, and are popular for flight training as well as recreation.

Scott Severen, a USA dealer for the plane, is working with Jabiru to prepare for Mosaic aircraft as the J430 has long been a four-seat design in Australia.

You can learn more, and find a list of world-wide dealers, by visiting their website: jabiru.net.au.

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