Welcome back to Pipistrel-USA!

October 23rd, 2020 | News

In the 1980’s in the former Yugoslavia, it wasn’t totally legal to fly what was considered an ‘alternative’ aircraft. In 1989, a private aircraft producer saw things beginning to open up, and began creating weight shift control aircraft under the name Pipistrel that primarily flew in the evening and resembled bats. Hence the name – pipistrello is Italian, derived from the Latin vespertillio, or bat! They’ve since moved on into creating more ‘airplane’ types of aircracft.

Rand Vollmer has been the USA dealer for Pipistrel for several years now, and can show you the Sinus from this company. This good-looking aircraft is still the best-seller for Pipistrel!

You can learn more about Pipistrel-USA here.

Thanks for your support, Rand!