Welcome back, M Squared!

May 2nd, 2024 | News

M-Squared, located in St Elmo, AL, was founded by Paul Mather in 1996 in order to produce a fun and safe airplane that was superior to others available on the market.

Because of M-Squared’s early, extensive aircraft testing, it became the first company to produce an S-LSA aircraft in its class and to be certified and recognized by the FAA. M-Squared Aircraft, Inc. began manufacturing the Breese 2 S-LSA airplanes in July, 2008. They still produce the ultralight as well!

In January 2024, Paul was inducted into the EAA Hall of Fame for 2023. A well-deserved honor!

You can learn more about M Squared here: msquaredaircraft.com.

Thank you for your support, Paul!