Thank you, Scalewings!

February 27th, 2024 | News

Of the many thousands of airplane designs created since Orville and Wilbur made their first flight, North American’s muscular Mustang consistently ranks as the most-admired flying machine.

You probably can’t afford an original (or even the maintenance it takes to keep one flying) but you might be tempted by this fantastic carbon fiber vision from Euro developer, ScaleWings AeroGroup and its ultra-energetic designer, Hans Schoeller.

With SW-51 Mustang videos totaling 80+ million views across all platforms, we believe you are well familiar with the aircraft itself.

Just one year ago, their team had 26 people. Today, the ScaleWings full-time force has grown to 72 Mustang enthusiasts. Of these, 69 crew members work and create in their Mustang factory in Krosno, Poland, enabling them to manufacture their two product lines, Quick Build Kit and Ready-to-Fly aircraft, faster and more efficiently.

You can learn more on their website:

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