Thank you, Evolution Aircraft Inc.!

March 14th, 2023 | News

First came Revo. Like Tesla, they put out their strongest product first. Then came the little Rev that can make Part 103 if you don’t choose all the options Evolution can deliver. After Rev came Revolt, another two-seater. It uses the trademarked attributes and hardware that made Revo famous but is a simpler construction that costs less.

Since the ultra-deluxe Revo was introduced more than a decade ago it has set a new benchmark for being the best-equipped, most-customized construction, with carefully-designed wings. The weight shift market enjoys several quality brands and some are more affordable but none more sophisticated than Revo.

Larry and Amy Mednick run a flight school in Florida, so you can do all of your one-stop-shopping and hang out with some fun people!

You can learn more from their website.

Thank you, Larry and Amy, for your continued support!

Photo by Vickie Betts

Photo by Vickie Betts