Thank you, CGS Hawk – Merlin Aerospace

September 13th, 2022 | News

CGS Hawk, now doing business as Merlin Aerospace Limited, is one of the most-beloved of all light aircraft in America. More than 2,000 are flying all across the USA and around the world. Originally created by Chuck Slusarczyk, the operation is headed today by Joseph Shirley and once again based in Ohio where Chuck founded the company. Terry Short runs a manufacturing operation in Central Florida as well.

A Hawk kit is available brand new in either tricycle gear or taildragger. Using bolt-and-rivet aluminum-tube construction, Hawk is built around a uniquely curved main boom tube. The kit requires only about 150 hours to build, but also comes in LSA for those of you who aren’t into building or want to take a passenger.

You can learn more about the company on their website.

Thanks for your continued support, Joseph!

picture by Vickie Betts September 2020