Thank you, Aerotrek!

June 12th, 2023 | News

One of the most consistent suppliers of reasonably-priced Light Sport
Aircraft is Aerotrek Aircraft. A seller of tricycle gear and taildragger aircraft, longtime light aircraft businessman Rob Rollison settled on Aerotrek. Over the years Aerotrek has firmly established itself on the Top-20 market share chart and you only have to examine one of these beauties to appreciate the attention to detail.

The Aerotrek A220-A240 are factory-built aircraft that are manufactured efficiently in series-production by a fine company that has been producing light aircraft for more than 30 years — well above the average for manufacturers in this industry. Aerotrek provides the A220-A240 aircraft ‘distributor-direct’ without the high mark-up involved in going through a dealer network. As a result of the best efforts of the factory and Aerotrek, the A220-A240 are priced very reasonably!

You can see what Rob has to offer on the Aerotrek website.

Thanks for your continued support, Rob!