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May 20th, 2024 | News

SilverLight continues to offer its certification engineering and consulting services to select clients to help bring their light sport aircraft under FAA audited compliance to the ASTM standards. One such client in upcoming months is AJ Sport with a popular fully composite, roomy SLSA airplane which will be coming to market in the coming months. It does have some differences from CTLSi. The wing is different as is the front cowling, and the fuel system is completely new. Look for this plane at the Midwest LSA Expo (Mt. Vernon, IL) in September 2024!

SilverLight Aviation has been fully bought back by founding member Abid Farooqui from majority investors from Taiwan. SilverLight, the US producer of the modern AR-1 gyroplane, will continue to produce the AR-1 but has also introduced a folding wing tube and fabric Recon quick build kit airplane to expand its product line.

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