Swift Fuels, LLC renewed in June

July 3rd, 2017 | News

Swift Fuels. LLC,  located in West Lafayette, Indiana,  is a global leader in the development of high-performance unleaded aviation fuels.  This includes UL102, an unleaded 102 Motor octane aviation gasoline that meets ASTM D7719 and a 94 Motor octane aviation gasoline that meets ASTM D7547,  This company has been making a “splash”  at the various LAMA category events, sponsoring tents, receptions and just being out there talking to their customers.  Swift Fuels has been a LAMA supporter for a couple of years, since they really started pushing their aviation fuel in the Light Aircraft market. Per their website: “Swift Fuels looks forward to a day when lead will be permanently removed from piston-engine aircraft through the roll-out of Swift’s environmentally friendly, high-performance unleaded aviation gasolines.” Get more info at their website: https://swiftfuels.com/ .