Scoda Aeronautica, Brazil renewed today.

June 26th, 2017 | News

The manufacturer of the darling bi-wing amphibious light sport aircraft, the Super Petrel LS, continued supporting LAMA by renewing their membership today.  It’s as easy as a credit card purchase, as Rodrigo Scoda, President of Scoda Aeronautica, Ipeúna, Brazil ( ) knows.  From the Scoda website: “The Super Petrel LS is robust and precise at low speeds. Such behavior is much desired and appreciated on landings and even more on splashdowns (landing on water). Landing the Super Petrel LS is an easy, safe and very pleasurable operation!” I’ve had the opportunity to get a ride in the Super Petrel LS, it is a very fun way to SEA the view. Thanks Rodrigo and team for your continued support of the work LAMA does.