Sandia Aerospace Renewed

October 12th, 2015 | News

The Facebook page for Sandia Aerospace Corporation, Albuquerque NM ( has a headline stating “ADS-B Made Easy”.  I’m sure it’s easier than I can figure out, since I don’t know much about ADS-B, (sung to the Herman’s Hermits song “What a Wonderful World this could be”).  Glad there are alot of pilots and regulators in this world who know what all this stuff is, and why it works so well.  Anyway, Dennis Schmidt, President of Sandia Aerospace, has renewed the company’s LAMA membership. Sandia Aerospace has supported LAMA since 2007. They were the first company to help sponsor the LAMA dinner at one of the first Sebring Expo events.  We will forever be grateful to Dennis and Sandia Aero for helping us develop this annual membership appreciation dinner. Thanks for your product line and for your continued support.