Murphy Aircraft Mfg. LTD renewed

April 22nd, 2016 | News

I spoke with Patrick Liotti, on behalf of Murphy Aircraft Mfg., LTD  ( today. The company is supporting LAMA and is planning to get one of their aircraft certified to SLSA standards. I have heard of Murphy Aircraft, but didn’t know much about the brand, so, from the Murphy Aircraft website: ” For more than 30 years, Murphy Aircraft Mfg Ltd of Chilliwack, British Columbia, has manufactured and sold aircraft kits for pilots across the world. We offer a wide variety of lightweight airplanes that are capable of operating from wheels, floats, or skis, and that can be fitted with different engines. Enjoy the wonders of the Earth as you explore the globe in one of our affordable kit airplanes.”  Thanks Darryl Murphy and Patrick Liotti for “building your dream” and for your continued support. I like your style.