Mosaic made slightly easier!

August 21st, 2023 | News

As you probably know, FAA released the first version of their Mosaic proposal as companies were traveling to AirVenture Oshkosh for 2023. The timing made it difficult for busy people like you to study this 318-page draft.

After a week of Oshkosh and the unpacking that followed your return home, you finally had some time to sit down and read the NPRM. If its length and detail didn’t discourage you, it still took time.

You had to look up other regulations that were frequently referenced — but which were not contained in the NPRM. You either had books or computer screens organized to help you look back and forth.

All that changed — and got much easier and faster!

Thanks to a collaborative effort between LAMA and sport pilot organization USUA, we are pleased to offer you a new Mosaic Study Guide. You cannot find this anywhere else.

This is a free service from LAMA and we are pleased to offer it to all current LAMA members plus all other businesses we can find (serving the light aircraft sector).

However, we hope you will want to join LAMA to support the advocacy effort that achieved many benefits offered in Mosaic plus the ongoing effort to communicate with FAA on behalf of industry.

We believe LAMA has performed well over the last decade and we ask your continued support.

We do all this for the modest annual sum of $500 (USD), a rate that has not been increased in more than a decade. This rate is a small fraction of what other business associations charge.

LAMA is able to keep your membership cost low because no one takes a salary. The association is fully operated by volunteers. Every single dollar of member funds is used with great care and consideration. You support helps cover travel expenses as we lobby FAA for your benefit.

Please, join or renew today! In return, we promise to keep working hard for you.

And by all means, COMMENT on FAA’s proposal. Tell them what you think but be professional.

Here’s a link to the Study Guide.

Happy reading!