LAMA Dinner Sebring Expo 2016

January 25th, 2016 | Newsletter


The Great Engine Debate, featuring (L-R) moderator Sebastien Heintz, Rotax’s Christian Mundigler, Continental’s John Heitland, Pete Krotje of Jabiru, UL Power’s Robert Helms, Viking’s Jan Eggenfellner, and publisher Willi Tacke. (photos by Jim Koepnick)

Your organization is pleased to report LAMA’s Ninth Annual Dinner went very well with about 280 LSA and light kit business persons in attendance. They witnessed the first of the “Great Debates,” this time with engine manufacturing describing their products and answering questions posed by moderator Sebastien Heintz.

Following the Dinner, numerous comments were offered that revealed even those in the business learned new facts about engines.

Of particular interest was a discussion about fuels that can be used with each engine. Part of the fuel debate portrayed ethanol as a very challenging substance not only for the engines but for the airframe systems such as fuel tanks and lines.

LAMA Dinner invitees also heard about the coming 2210 and 3310 Jabiru engines, an announcement that caught everyone by surprise.

The debates included Rotax, Continental, Jabiru, UL Power, and Viking with comments from publisher Will Tacke regarding electric propulsion.

With its “beta test” of the Great Debates successfully completed, LAMA will now dive deeper into plans for additional Great Debates at Sun ‘n Fun 2016. Debates will be held on LAMA’s space (LSA Mall) in Paradise City. Everyone is encouraged to visit, not only for the debates but to see the newly improved and significantly lengthened runway at Paradise City.



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