Hansen Air Group Renewed

October 27th, 2014 | News

One of the most interesting teams in the LSA arena in the USA is Hansen Air Group, Kennesaw Georgia.  Lead by veteran airline captains and twin brothers, Ron and Jon Hansen,  this family run business has an interesting and varied history.  Ron and Jon are ably assisted by Mitch and Mike Hansen, who are also highly respected airline pilots. Check out this page of the Hansen family flying accomplishments. ( http://www.hansenairgroup.com/aboutusindex.html ). Now, back to LSA information, Hansen Air Group is the importer of the Sky Arrow, the Fk9, Fk12 Comet, and the FA-04 Peregrine.  Quite a line-up of well respected models.  Jon, Ron, Mike and Mitch have been LAMA supporters since before the LSA Rule came out in 2004, and have been LAMA members since 2006. Thank you Hansen Air Group for your continued support, consult, and advice over the years.