Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC (Aerolab USA) is a NEW LAMA member

August 10th, 2015 | News

Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC from Lone Rock, WI ( ), is the US distributor of the Aerolab aircraft.  From Their website: ” Aerolab was born in in Italy in 2001, just after the first rumors of the new Sport Pilot Rule began to circulate. The firm was founded by Francesco Rizzi, a now-retired Airbus Captain for Alitalia and an EAA member since 1989. The LoCamp is currently available as a 49% Experimental Amateur-built, Sport Pilot-eligible kit. A fully-manufactured Special Light Sport (S-LSA) version is under development, but is not expected to be introduced before 2016.”

The US distributor, Golden Age Aeroworks managing member is Edward E. Leineweber. Thank you Edward, for supporting LAMA by becoming a member.