Getting ready for AirVenture

July 23rd, 2013 | News

In just a couple of days we will be in Oshkosh, setting up the LAMA Exhibit in Hangar D, Spaces 4100-4101.  The response to our mailing for participation in the LAMA slide show presentation was very, very good. Thanks to all who participated by providing monetary support, a photo and bullet sales points for their LSA business, .  Here’s a listing of who participated, in no particular order:

Arion Aircraft, SeaMax USA, SeaRey, Just Aircraft, Pipistrel, Flight Design, Tecnam, Oregon Aero, Sebring Expo, Midwest LSA Expo, Powered Sport Flying Mag. CubCrafters, Aerotrek, US Aviation, AutoGyro, Super Petrel, X-Air LSA, Atol, and Aviators Hotline (who also helped sponsor the LAMA Exhibit).

What a great representation of LSA flying and related businesses.  We hope the presentation will be eye catching and we can talk to many new potential LSA buyers via this exhibit.

Come and visit the LAMA booth, if you are heading to AirVenture.