Freedom depends upon responsibility

March 9th, 2010 | News

LAMA Accepts Role in Leading LSA Industry’s Actions

Lakeland, FLORIDA (Sun ‘n Fun 2011) / March 30, 2011 — Most free people know that with freedom comes responsibility. In aviation, this has played out dramatically with the emergence of the Sport Pilot / Light-Sport Aircraft rule issued in July 2004. “The industry has demonstrated several strengths as it formed out of a clear blue sky,” stated LAMA president Dan Johnson. “The sheer number of new models — 115 in just six years — is proof of the flowering of innovation that comes with increased freedom and reduced regulation. Industry’s safety record earns kudos in remarks given publicly by FAA Administrator Babbitt. Steps to improve transition training for pilots has produced positive results. Distribution of aircraft and the growth of organizations to service those LSA have been developing well, despite a very challenging global economy.”
In concert with these accomplishments, industry must continue to step up and take responsibility for functions long delivered by government. “LAMA is doing that,” maintained Johnson, “and we are pleased to inform media of some of these actions.”

(1) Established — In response to FAA and industry needs LAMA stepped up to create a website that assists owners and mechanics find Safety Bulletins and other information to assure continued safety monitoring of the LSA fleet. The website — live now but still in development — will also archive all available information to help owners continue flying an aircraft whose manufacturer may have left the business. The effort has generated a strong letter of support from FAA (see attachment).

(2) LAMA Joins With Embry Riddle to Provide Audit Services — To provide the highest level of safety monitoring to benefit consumers, LAMA has joined forces with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. In January 2011, LAMA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ERAU’s Eagle Flight Research Center which will result in Embry Riddle personnel providing the former LAMA audit to LSA companies on a voluntary fee basis.

(3) LAMA Europe Coordinates Efforts in the EU — In 2010, LAMA (USA) organized LAMA Europe to assist producers in the European Union in its work with EASA (roughly the equivalent of FAA for the EU). More than 30 manufacturers signed an agreement to form the group. They will meet again at Germany’s Aero show in less than two weeks. LAMA Europe is directed by Jan Fridrich in the Czech Republic. “Jan has been a tireless worker for the LSA industry in Europe,” stated Johnson.

(4) Collaboration with Other Organizations — LAMA recently agreed with GAMA to hold regular meetings with industry players in both LSA and GA sectors. Such collaboration between organizations (with AOPA and EAA as well) will strengthen the Light-Sport sector as it expands and will assure progress to the refinement and growth of aviation at large.

(5) LSA Mall Broadens Sector’s Visibility — Another major success has been the creation of LSA Mall displays at major airshows like Sun ‘n Fun, AirVenture, and AOPA Summit. A collection of top-selling brands has been greatly appreciated by attendees to these events as it makes comparison easier plus helps interested pilots locate the main displays for companies they wish to examine further.
“LAMA is especially grateful to Aviators Hot Line/Light Aviation Edition for their support in making possible the LSA Mall,” said Johnson. “We literally could not provide these LSA Mall displays without their backing.”

Introducing US Aviation — One aviation success story has been US Aviation in Denton, Texas. Already serving general aviation, US Aviation recently hired Scott Severen to assemble a maintenance operation aimed at serving all leading Light-Sport brands in the south central region of the USA. US Aviation is a new LAMA member and supporter. A part of building the infrastructure to support a new aviation sector, LAMA welcomes the initiative and actions of US Aviation. “We are pleased to note that all the preceding actions have occurred in just the last two and a half years during a challenging time to start new activities,” noted Johnson. “We are grateful for the support of many organizations; we have too many to list here but deeply appreciate the help from established entities such as AOPA, EAA, and GAMA, among others.