Aerotrek Aircraft renewed

June 29th, 2016 | News

I just got back from Alaska–home of tundra tires.  How excited was I when I went to the Aerotrek Aircraft website ( and saw the photos of the A22o on tundra tires in Alaska!?  Oh, how I would have loved to go flying while I was there.   Aerotrek Aircraft, Bloomfield, IN  has been the importer of the Aeropro (Czech Republic) for many years. The airplane line is one of the most affordable products in the industry.  Rob Rollison, Mr. Aerotrek, is a straight talking, honest businessman, and has been a LAMA member since 2006. Rob, when I go back to Alaska, I hope you will hook me up with one of your customer/pilots who can fly me out to a glacier and land on tundra tires.  Thank you for your support.