Aerotrek Aircraft, Arion Aircraft and Just Aircraft Renewed

July 23rd, 2014 | News

Wow, I go away for a week, and when I get back to the office there is money waiting. Love it when that happens.

Thanks to Rob Rollison at Aerotrek (, Bloomfield Indiana for sending your renewal. What a great priced airplane line up, including the A220 A240 and Rob is doing a great job keeping up with all of his orders. Aerotrek/RLSA has been a LAMA members since 2006.

US designed and built, Arion Aircraft (, Shelbyville, Tennessee also sent their check to support LAMA. Nick Otterback and his crew in beautiful east Tennessee have participated in LAMA events and given support for several years, they manufacture the Lightning LS. Thanks, Nick and crew for renewing your LAMA Membership.

Just a minute, we aren’t done yet. Just Aircraft (, Walhalla South Carolina, mailed their renewal check this month, too.  Hidden in the hills of South Carolina, Just Aircraft’s design team knocks out award winning designs year after year.  The Highlander and the STOL are always in the air at the various LSA events, wowing the crowds with their slow speed performance and short field take off and landing feats. Thanks Troy Woodland and staff for supporting LAMA since 2006.